Tel: 01395 577169
Mob: 07811 845912
  • Velwell Road, Exeter
    One of the best if not the very best shared student houses in Exeter.
  • Coburg Green, Exeter
    2 bedroomed ground floor flat offering 2 bedrooms, ensuite shower room ...
  • Clinton Avenue, Exeter
    Spacious 5 bedrooms, double glazed, gas central heating and more...
  • 8 Monks Road, Exeter
    Newly renovated with modern kitchen and bathroom facilities, ensuite available...
  • Westminster Road, Exeter
    Large detached property, 2 flats on the ground floor and 6 individual rooms...
  • Old Bakery Close Exeter
    Kitchen / diner, lounge, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, central heating and more...
  • Priory Road, Exeter
    5 person student property, all rooms are pleasantly decorated and equipped...
  • 27 St Johns Road, Exeter
    This property must be one of the best presented student houses in Exeter.
  • 77 Monks Road, Exeter
    Recently renovated with new central heating, modern kitchen and more...
  • 23 St Johns Road, Exeter
    Property has central heating, all rooms furnished to a pleasant standard.
  • 124 Pinhoe Road, Exeter
    This a shared house for up to 5 individuals on individual tenancies
  • 56 Old Tiverton Road, Exeter
    Fully converted into 8 studios/flats self-contained bathroom/kitchen.
  • 55 Old Tiverton Road
    Student Property, very large and refurbished for 11 student sharers
  • 16 Herschell Road Exeter Ground Floor Flat Refurbisment
    A very smart 2015 refurbished 2 room flat, living and sleeping area, separate kitchen, luxury shower room, easy parking and walk to City Centre
Exeter has a large choice of hire car companies and with a bit of research you may find one just a short walk from your point of stay. Some might offer to deliver the car to you, others might offer to pick you up and return to the office to carry out the paperwork. As always, you get what you pay for.

It is sometimes very cost effective with families or groups to do a 'one way' rental meaning you can drop the vehicle off at another city, but this service is only available from the bigger nationwide companies. Always, but always, check out the full price and ask what vehicle excess you will have to pay in the event of damage occuring.There is usually an extra cost per day to reduce this to something more acceptable. So do your research to get the best deal.

Some of if not all the bigger companies now accept booking online. If you search the internet yourself, you'll end up spending a long time sifting through the various companies, some are only agents that want your business and you cannot speak to anyone locally.

We are currently researching a list for local companies, which will be added later.